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Waterfowl Hunting - Featured Outfitters

Featured Waterfowl Hunting outfitters, guides and lodges.


Northern Winds Outfitting
6 Golden Key Estates NW, Calgary, AB T3p1a5
Phone: (403) 874-8918

Come hunt over 3 million acres of waterfowl habitat in Alberta with our team of professional guides and scouts. Canada goose hunts may include speckle-belly and snow geese, mallards, pintails and more. The fall migration of waterfowl is the perfect time of year to join us for an amazing Alberta goose hunt you won't regret.

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Flight 51
Phone: (800) 847-0834

The Canadian prairie of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan has been the most consistent quality waterfowl hunting in North America. Birds flying south regardless of the weather start arriving in great numbers the first week of September. Specks, Canadas and ducks are the first to show. These birds combine with the local Canadas and ducks to produce multiple opportunities for our clients. Sandhill cranes come next and then snows geese. By October the skies and grain fields are filled with waterfowl and the hunting opportunities are endless.

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Field Quarter
Phone: (843) 241-8930

Come experience world class waterfowling in Alberta with Field Quarter. Liberal limits and fresh birds that have likely never seen people or decoys before make for a special experience that one has to partake in to truly appreciate.

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Take-Em Outfitters
Box 1165, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P3
Phone: (780) 207-0688

Waterfowl hunting with Take-Em Outfitters you will get some of the best goose hunting and duck hunting Alberta has to offer. With generous limits, an abundance of birds and lack of hunting pressure, Alberta truly is a waterfowler's paradise. We hunt geese and ducks along the major migration route where they make their annual stop to feed in the rich grain fields our hunting area has to offer. As the migration gears up you will find Canada geese, snow geese, speckle-bellied geese, mallards, pintail ducks and many other varieties of birds.

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Ducks-N-Dogs Hunting Club
PO Box 2615, West Helena, AR 72390
Phone: (870) 995-5425

With access to over 7,000 acres of leases over a 35 mile area, Ducks-n-Dogs offers a wide array of Arkansas duck hunting and waterfowling opportunities. From flooded fields of rice, beans, milo and corn, to flooded timber, river sloughs, and cypress swamps we offer a a variety of fully guided duck hunting opportunities. Our staff scouts the surrounding area daily to locate positions holding the largest concentrations of birds to assure you and your hunting group a great waterfowl hunting experience.

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River Valley Outfitters
6616 -D, Clark Road 144, Paradise, CA 95969
Phone: (530) 592-9931

River Valley Outfitters is a full service Northern California waterfowl hunting experience. From the novice beginner to the seasoned hunter. We are located in the famous Butte Sink, where thousands of duck and geese flock to natural ponds, riparian lined sloughs, creeks and rice fields. This is the most beautiful area in California to hunt waterfowl.

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Feather Dog Outfitters
Sonoma County, CA
Phone: (707) 567-1509

Get ready for some intense California duck hunting action. If you never have been diver/sea duck hunting and you are a waterfowl enthusiast, you need to check out what Feather Dog Outfitters has to offer. Experience for the first time layout hunting in the Bay Area on our new 2 man boat The Revolution. You will be anchored up in the decoys just a few yards from ducks landing in your spread. Ranging from Canvasbacks and Bluebills jetting across your nose, to Scooters and Goldeneyes twisting and turning. The action is fast and furious! Read more about our Diver/Sea Duck hunting opportunities here in Northern California by clicking the link below.

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Sattelberg Guide Service, LLC
Roseville, CA 95747
Phone: (916) 899-1282

At Sattelberg Guide Service, our number one mission is to help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Our waterfowl hunts are conducted over flooded rice in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, just to the north-east of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. We offer guided and semi-guided hunts on land with low hunting pressure at a reasonable price.

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Harpole's Heartland Lodge
10236 393rd Street, Nebo, IL 62355
Toll Free: (800) 717-4868, Local: (217) 734-2526

We provide over twenty pits and blinds located in flooded corn, bean, and millet fields. Optionally, you may choose to hunt the Mississippi River. We like to take groups of 2-4 hunters. Pits and blinds are heated. Guests are driven to within a short walking distance of pits, shortly before legal shooting hours. Pits are accessible from dry land. Our professional guide will have decoys set and dog in place in anticipation of the morning's excitement. The only Illinois Orvis-Endorsed wingshooting lodge.

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Rader Lodge
RR1 Box 162, Glen Elder, KS 67446
Phone: (785) 545-3476

We have very good Goose and Duck hunting and have guides who specialize in both. Expect anything from a pit blind to laying on your belly in the middle of a Kansas wheat field.

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NCK Outfitters
1624 Meadow Lane, Clay Center, KS 67432
Phone: (785) 452-5220

When duck hunting with NCK Outfitters we strive to ensure our hunters receive the best duck hunting experience that North Central Guide Service has to offer. NCK Outfitters are where the ducks are! We offer top notch lodging, accommodations, guides and locations. Kansas has quickly become a mecca for some of the best duck hunting in the country! If you are duck hunting Kansas and looking for the best place to book your guided hunt, you have found the right place. We do not over book and do not over hunt any of our areas.

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Upland Bird Guide Service
100 E Main Street, Sun City, KS 67143
Phone: (337) 380-2700

Upland Bird Guide Service invites you to experience some of the best pheasant and quail hunting Kansas has to offer. We have over 30,000 acres of property in the south central area of Kansas which allows us to share with you a truly unique hunting experience. Our properties in Pratt county include native grasses, wheat and milo fields as well as CRP fields, with the occasional plum and cedar thickets to hunt the wily pheasant. We also offer excellent goose and duck hunting.

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Agassiz Outfitters
Provincial Trunk Highway 83, Roblin, Manitoba R0L 1P0
Phone: (888) 468-3394, Cell/Text: (204) 281-1918

When looking for a Manitoba Waterfowl Hunt in Manitoba, Canada to make everlasting memories, look no further than Agassiz Outfitters. First thing in the morning, watching the sunrise and abundance of birds will leave you in awe and breathless! Greater and lesser Canada’s, Snow and Blue geese, mallards, pintails, wood ducks, black ducks, widgeon, and gadwalls to name a few, make up for some great shooting! With our excellent success, years in the business, great rates and family/group packages, we know you’ll be impressed with a Manitoba Waterfowl Hunt with your hosts and Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting team, Agassiz Outfitters.

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Premier Flight Guide Service
3023 Cassidy Dr. NE, Rochester, MN 55906
Phone: (507) 261-2072

Premier Flight Guide Service has long established itself as one of the nation's top guides for snow goose hunting from Arkansas up to South Dakota. We are real guides. We're not some group of fellas taking you out to our family field - we are a team of guides who chase geese around the country for a living.

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Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters
14564 Snow Lodge Rd, Ely, MN 55731
Phone: (218) 365-6032

Your hunting experience can be within the Superior National Forrest or, for the more challenging and secluded hunt, inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Deer, black bear, moose (when allowed) grouse, small game, and waterfowl are all within reach from Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters location. Let us make your hunt comfortable and easy from the shores of Snowbank Lake by staying in one of our heated and running water facilities. Enjoy hot meals in our dining room to start and end your hunting days. In the evenings our lodge is open for to share stories and friendships. Retire to your room at the end of the day for a hot shower and a solid nights sleep to prepare for your next day of hunting. Let us make your hunt easy and comfortable at Snowbank Lodge and Outfitters.

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Beaver Dam Hunting Services
PO Box 2144, Tunica, MS 38676
Phone: (662) 363-6288

For over a century now, Beaver Dam Lake and the area surrounding it have been regarded as a premiere waterfowl destination in North Mississippi. Made famous through the writing of Nash Buckingham in the first part of the 20th century, it has become a place of historical significance that many hope to visit in their lifetime.

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Quack & Strut Guide Service
Red Bay, AL 11265
Phone: (256) 617-2767

Waterfowl hunts are conducted in fields, ponds, marshes and river bottoms. All waterfowl hunts are over decoys from Avian X A Frame blinds, layout blinds or sitting in a natural blind. We hunt two manmade marshes that have standing permanent blinds. Our objective on a duck hunt is to work the birds right into the hole. Shooting is typically at finishing birds and is a quality hunting experience. We have trained retrievers and our guides are proficient at calling and managing the hunt to provide a first rate waterfowl experience. Hunts are 3 day hunts with morning hunting being the norm. If we are field hunting we may hunt in the afternoon but afternoon is generally spent scouting in preparation of the next morning’s hunt.

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Prairie's Edge Outfitting
1801 102 St., North Battleford, Saskatchewan S9A 1H1
Phone: (403) 807-9939

Prairies Edge Outfitting offers world class hunting opportunities for ducks and geese. Located right in the heart of the Central Flyway, waterfowl hunting simply does not get any better than this. Every year hunters travel from around the world to experience this waterfowl hunting adventure of a lifetime. Contact Us today to book your very own Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting adventure.

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South Dakota

Thunderstik Lodge
24931 Thunderstik Road, Chamberlain, SD 57325
Phone: (800) 888-1601

You need to let Thunderstik know in late May and they will send out license applications to those who would like to apply. The application process is a lottery system. Most years they have had good luck getting licenses but there is no guarantee. Another option is to goose hunt on the Grassrope, an area of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. Thunderstik works together to provide a great hunt and you can buy a license when you get there.

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Platte Creek Lodge
36537 Platte Lake Road, Platte, SD 57369
Phone: (605) 337-9777

Waterfowl hunting is also available nearby. Non-residents need to apply to the state for a license. That link is SDGFP which brings you to the South Dakota Dept. of Game Fish and Parks.If you are unsuccessful in the drawing for tags you can purchase one over the counter and hunt the tribal land not far from here as another option. We hunt the Missouri River flyway as well as a lot of local ducks and geese making South Dakota their home. In the spring snow geese are another option. We mainly field hunt out of laydown blinds or out of a pit. We can also hunt the open water, of local ponds. Steel shot is mandatory for waterfowl hunting.

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Lone Star Waterfowl
3126 Deer Run, Corpus Christi, TX 78410
Phone: (361) 944-8844

YOU need to come duck hunt with us here at LONE STAR WATERFOWL. We are not some here today and GONE tomorrow guide service or someone looking to make a few extra bucks at your expense. Captain Bobby, is USCG & TPWD licensed and insured Guide, not like others out there illegally trying to make a few extra bucks. WE, at Lone Star Waterfowl Guide Service strive to provide YOU with the best duck hunt we can provide, with the best equipment, decoys and EXPERIENCE in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. This is not just duck hunting to us…it is our PASSION that we extend to MY customers. Guided duck hunts in Corpus Christi is what we have been doing for many years and plan to be here for many more years and we will be here to answer any of your questions.

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Final Descent Guide Services
Lubbock, TX
Phone: (806) 438-5099

Final Descent offers some of the best duck & goose hunting around. We hunt privately owned lakes and ponds around the Lubbock area. Our Ducks in this area start migrating through the area around October going all the way through January. We have very many different species of ducks, most common being, Mallard, Pintail, Teal, Wigeon, and along with some of the divers - Redheads and Canvasbacks. You will need Waders for this type of hunt, along with full camo. Some areas that we hunt, we will be able to use layout blinds. Other times, we will have to wade out into the water.

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Swamp Nasty Outfitters
1100 Cr 2510, Bonham, TX 75418
Cell: (903) 640-3685

North Texas Duck Hunts From sitting in the flooded timber to standing in a sunflower field, this is what we live for. This isnt just a job or a hobby to us, wingshooting is a way of life. We hunt ducks in flooded timber, swamps, private lakes and wetlands all across Fannin Co. In addition to hunting duck in North TX we also hunt dove in all types of fields ranging from wheat to commercial sunflowers.

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First Shot Outfitters
247 CR 470, Coleman, TX 76834
Phone: (325) 280-3676

It's hard to beat the excitement of a fun filled action packed brisk morning of Texas duck hunting. Most avid water Fowler's know that a good duck hunt depends on the alignment of several elements. Weather being one of the biggest variables that can determine the success of the hunt. Unfortunately we can not control the weather. But the availability of food and water to attract and hold migrating and wintering ducks are two very important elements that we do have control over. With the attraction of the water and food, knowledgeable and experience guides, comfortable and concealing blinds, well trained retrieving dogs any hunt could be a true mixed bag.

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Lone Sage Outfitters
Newman Lake, WA 99025
Phone: (206) 403-7954

We pursue Pheasant, Chukar, Quail, Huns, Grouse, and Waterfowl. Depending on the bird you want go after, and time of year, we will identify the land area that will give you the hunter the greatest odds of success. Once our location is ironed out, we will be in constant communication with you to answer any questions you have on shot size, what kind of hiking to expect, etc. Any style and gauge of shotgun is appropriate, so long as it is a legal hunting weapon, in safe working order, and you are intimately familiar with how it operates.

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