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Training yourself, before your dog

If there is one thing that you should know before you start to train your first puppy its this; They will not do what you want them do and you will get frustrated.  This is plain and simple, but people who are not familiar with the daunting task of training a dog bring their little bundle of joy home expecting a finished dog.  The truth is that you brought a puppy home who has only probably seen the inside of a box.  Because of this your dog will explore every new room, smell, object that they come accross, and it will frustrate you.  The sooner that realize that they are puppies and don't let it affect your blood pressure the better off you will be.

So how do you train yourself for your new pup?  It isn't something that can be easily done.  If you are someone who cannot describe themselves with the word "patience," you have a lot of work.  I once came accross a one year old chocolate lab who was unwilling to hold a duck in its mouth.  When I saw it's owner try and shove a duck in its mouth and the dog scarily decline I realized something.  The owner had ruined a perfectly good dog before it ever had a chance.  I'm sure that the owner got frustrated with the dog a few too many times and turned the dog off completely to the idea of retrieving or coming near a duck.  Another thing that you will need to get used to doing is praising you dog for every positive thing that they do.  You must make them feel good about themselves and start to build that trusting Man/Dog relationship that is necessary for a good hunting dog.