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Alberta Waterfowl Hunting

Directory of 16 Alberta Waterfowl lodges, guides and outfitters in Alberta.

Northern Winds Outfitting
6501 35th Ave, Calgary, Alberta T3B1S7
Phone: (403) 874-8918

Come hunt over 3 million acres of waterfowl habitat in Alberta with our team of professional guides and scouts. Canada goose hunts may include speckle-belly and snow geese, mallards, pintails and more. The fall migration of waterfowl is the perfect time of year to join us for an amazing Alberta goose hunt you won't regret.

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Alberta Bush Adventures
McLennan, Alberta T0H2L0
Phone: (780) 324-2174, Cell: (780) 523-8658

We are located in some of the finest farmland in Alberta for Canada goose hunting & duck hunting. Large fields of wheat, barley and peas combined with large lakes and numerous puddle lakes along with three major flyways filtering through this area, make this a waterfowl hunter's paradise.

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Alberta Hunts
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R3
Phone: (780) 898-2955

Our waterfowl hunts are done in farm country hunting over crop fields and water shoots, we will be in the heart of farmland. You will have comfortable layout blinds to hunt out of. You will be doing morning and afternoon hunts with a little R&R in between. Our scouts will have excellent shoots lined up for us every day.

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Alberta River Valley Lodge
Wainwright, Alberta T9W 1T3
Phone: (780) 842-8622

Our waterfowl hunting area is situated in the picturesque Battle River Valley southeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Surrounded by farmland, sloughs and small lakes, this area boasts a variety of migratory waterfowl that enjoy the abundant food supply and shelter. We offer shoots over water as well as on land, utilizing the best techniques and equipment!

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Black Dog Outfitters
Box 514 , Tofield, Alberta T0B 4J0
Phone: (780) 662-3436

Black Dog Outfitters (our camp) is located in the heart of the “Duck Factory” with the highest densities of breeding ducks on the continent. We have great duck shooting right from the September 1st opening day through to the end of October. We typically shoot ducks while they come to feed in grain fields or on small ponds where they water before feeding. It’s not uncommon to have 50 to 100 ducks work into the decoys at once!

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Callin' N Fallin Outfitters
Westlock, Alberta
Phone: (855) 468-3695

Our outfit operates in 5 wildlife management units in north/central Alberta. Which puts our "drop pin" in the middle of the central flyway? Our fully guided hunts are conducted over decoys in dry agriculture fields of peas, wheat and barley along with a crazy amount of potholes and dugouts. Our areas are blessed to having several major rivers running thru them which keeps over 100 miles of open water for the birds to roost. One of our zones we hunt in has one of the largest roosting lakes in Alberta located within it. Here the birds can refuel in the areas fertile farm fields as they make there way south thru the providence.

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Field Quarter
Phone: (843) 241-8930

Come experience world class waterfowling in Alberta with Field Quarter. Liberal limits and fresh birds that have likely never seen people or decoys before make for a special experience that one has to partake in to truly appreciate.

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Flight 51
Phone: (800) 847-0834

The Canadian prairie of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan has been the most consistent quality waterfowl hunting in North America. Birds flying south regardless of the weather start arriving in great numbers the first week of September. Specks, Canadas and ducks are the first to show. These birds combine with the local Canadas and ducks to produce multiple opportunities for our clients. Sandhill cranes come next and then snows geese. By October the skies and grain fields are filled with waterfowl and the hunting opportunities are endless.

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Great White Holdings
22 Wedgewood Cress, Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2N4
Phone: (780) 487-8825

Each fall the eastern edge of central Alberta is a temporary home for millions of migratory game birds as they move south for the winter. Greater canadian geese, lessers, snows, ross, specks, mallards and pintails can be seen by the tens of thousands as they feed in nearby grain fields. Pea, barley, oat and wheat fields can be picked clean in a few short days when the masses show up. That’s where we come in. We predominantly shoot over decoys in grain fields and limiting out is common. Generous limits on all waterfowl species in Alberta offers the sportsman no shortage of shooting each day.

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Last Pass Adventures
9804 106A ave, Clairmont, Alberta T8X 5G1
Mobile: (780) 296-0928

We are located in northern Alberta in the heart of the central flyaway. Our scouts will put you on some of the finest farm land consisting of peas, barley and wheat. Targeting mostly ducks and geese making it the ultimate hunting paradise.

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North Star Outfitting
Box 501 , Marwayne, Alberta T0B 2X0
Phone 1: (780) 847-2392

Alberta waterfowl hunting with North Star Outfitting, Canada goose hunting & duck hunting We have been providing waterfowl hunts in Alberta for over 16 years. Our waterfowl hunts are either 3 or 5 day. You will enjoy goose hunts & duck hunts along the North Saskatchewan River in eastern Alberta We have 6-8 hunters per week at camp, allowing ample shooting and quality shooting for each hunter so that hunters will reach bag limits more often. Every hunters possession limit is a 2 day bag limit which is 16 geese, 16 ducks and 60 snow geese.

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Red Willow Outfitters
Valleyview, Alberta TOH-3NO
Phone: (780) 524-4574

Waterfowl hunting takes place in the farmland of Northern Alberta. A typical day of hunting involves a morning goose & duck hunt in the grain fields. The afternoon and evenings can be used up hunting grouse in the woods or ducks on small ponds and lakes. Occasionally we'll do an evening field hunt as well.

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Take-Em Outfitters
Box 1165, Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1P3
Phone: (780) 207-0688

Waterfowl hunting with Take-Em Outfitters you will get some of the best goose hunting and duck hunting Alberta has to offer. With generous limits, an abundance of birds and lack of hunting pressure, Alberta truly is a waterfowler's paradise. We hunt geese and ducks along the major migration route where they make their annual stop to feed in the rich grain fields our hunting area has to offer. As the migration gears up you will find Canada geese, snow geese, speckle-bellied geese, mallards, pintail ducks and many other varieties of birds.

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Top of the Flyway
Peace River, Alberta T8S 1S2
Phone: (780) 625-6736

endorsed_outfitterWelcome to the "Top of the Flyway". Only here can you become part of the fall migration in the northernmost agricultural staging ground in Canada. The Peace Region of Alberta is the first opportunity south bound waterfowl have to fatten up on grain fields after leaving their arctic nesting grounds. This also means, these are the first decoys the birds see during the fall season. Combine these arctic migrants with the thousands of local birds raised here, and you are setting yourself up for some of the finest decoying action in Canada.

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Udell's Guiding and Outfitting
3344 - 11007 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0K6
Phone: (780) 722-0243

We offer 3 day and 6 day goose & duck hunts during the last 2 weeks of September through the end of October. Our waterfowl hunts offer the hunter ample shoots and high bag limits on geese and ducks. During our goose hunts we typically set up on fields where the goose have been feeding. We will arrive well before sunrise to set up our spread of decoys and blinds. We use state-of the-art equipment, a wide variety of blinds, along with full body decoys, and silhouette decoys all of which will help to ensure that the spread area is ideal for the hunt. We will then get into position and wait for the birds to start dropping in. We will stay in position until mid-morning or if we have filled our limit we will head in for lunch.

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