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Montana Waterfowl Hunting

Directory of 16 Montana Waterfowl hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Montana.

Alaska Wilderness Enterprises
7445 Chena Hotsprings Rd, Fairbanks, Montana 99712
Phone: (907) 488-7517

Wilderness Enterprises offers the finest wing shooting Alaska has to offer. Our many years of experience will give you a custom trip never to be forgotten. Trips take place in Southeast Alaska where the Pacific fly-way narrows to a five mile streach of coastal habitat that funnels thousand of migrating waterfowl each year.

Double Deuce Outfitters
1438 Reservation Creek Rd, Forsyth, Montana 59327
Phone: (406) 342-5475

Montana bird hunting is among the best bird hunting in the country. The variety of birds we hunt is nearly unrivaled. On our upland bird hunts you will find sharptail grouse, hungarian partridge, doves, pheasant and turkeys. On our waterfowl hunts you can expect to see plenty of geese. It's the wide range of species we can hunt on one trip that makes this a truly unique bird hunting experience. Our goose hunting is done on the rich cropland adjacent to the Yellowstone River where decoying into blinds is very effective. With our part of the river, a total of 75 miles, being a protected refuge and the fact that we are dead center in the southern migration makes for some of the best goose hunting anywhere.

Eastern Shore Guide Service
Chestertown, Montana 21620

We offer waterfowl hunts in Yellowstone and Big Horn counties in Eastern Montana. The Yellowstone River and Big Horn River in Eastern Montana is the major resting area in the central flyway. We offer exclusive hunting for ducks and geese on numerous private fields, where birds are less wary... an excellent opportunity to hunt your limit of ducks and geese. These hunts are 4 night 3 day hunt package. Once your daily hunt is complete you'll return back to our lodge where you will have home cooked meals. All Montana hunts include airport transport, licenses, lodging, meals and guides.

Eastslope Outfitters
1130 Nugget Place, Billings, Montana 59105
Phone: (406) 670-8998

The Yellowstone River in southeast Montana is the major resting area in the central flyway for more than 100,000 migratory birds, with 70 miles of protected water not far from the private lands leased for hunting by Eastslope Outfitters. We can offer exclusive hunting for ducks and geese on numerous private fields, where birds are less wary... an excellent opportunity to hunt your limit of ducks and gesse with time leftover to photograph or video these magnificent migrations to share with family and friends back home.

Flatwillow Creek Outfitters
371 Kiehl Ranch Road, Winnett, Montana 59087
Phone: (406) 429-5601

We hunt Waterfowl on these hunts when the seasons allow. It is a mixed bag hunt with plenty of action. We have tens of thousands of acres of excellent wild bird habitat. Hunt with our seasoned bird dogs or you are welcome to bring your own. We encourage you to bring your own dogs to enjoy some Montana Bird Hunting. Outdoor kennels are available. Dogs are not allowed in the lodge and must be kenneled or leashed when not hunting.

Hoover Outfitting
Whitehall, Montana 59759
Phone: (406) 490-6864

Big sky country is Northeast Montana and here it seems the blue sky never ends. This remote countryside is home to those in agriculture. The result is phenomenal habitat for upland bird hunting. Countless Upland Birds fill the surrounding prairie. This perfect habitat provides staples such as snow berries, buffalo berries, and wheat. Native Sharp Tailed Grouse populations are as plentiful as anywhere in the country. Ring Neck Pheasant and Hungarian Partridge also thrive on the available food sources. We pursue wild birds in wild county. This area is one of largest wild prairie ecosystems in existence today. Migratory waterfowl are also common in this area. Some hunts include additional waterfowl species at your choice. First rate lodging is included in your hunt. Hunters may bring their own dogs.

Landwehr Outfitters
P.O. Box 182, Jordan, Montana 59337
Phone: (405) 219-1319

When you combine numerous grainfields, the mighty Missouri River, and the Central Flyway, you have ducks and geese and lots of them! Late November through December is the prime times for this hunt. The majority of the hunting takes place along the shores of the Missouri River. Because of its remoteness, this area receives little hunting pressure. We can access hard to get to places in my jet boat. Northern mallards are prevalent, and there are also thousands of Canada geese in the area. If you enjoy hunting over decoys and watching good dog work, this is the hunt for you.

Milk River Outfitters
Post Office Box 35, Hinsdale, Montana 59241
Phone: (406) 648-5494

The sound of whistling wings, the cackle of a Rooster pheasant, the startling thump of a grouse taking flight are all available to Big Sky visitors with Milk River Outfitters. We cater to groups of four to six hunters to ensure that you receive a quality hunt. Whether you have your own dogs or not, we can help you in your quest for upland birds and waterfowl.

Montana High Country Tours
7501 Pioneer Mtn. Rd., Polaris, Montana 59746
Phone: (406) 834-3469

WATERFOWL AND UPLAND BIRD hunts also can be added to your Big Game Combination hunts or can be hunted on their own. A large resident population of ducks and Canadian geese; along with liberal limits and lack of hunting pressure, makes Southwest Montana some of the best shot gun hunting available today. If you like to fish as well then our “Cast and Blast” fishing and waterfowl trip is for you. Our sagebrush covered foothills; aspen groves and mountain terrain are perfect homes for a good number of Sage, Ruffed, Blue and Spruce grouse as well as Hungarian partridge.

Pigeye Outfiffers
6352 Pioneer Road, Moccasin, Montana 59462
Phone: (406) 423-5332

Waterfowl season begins in early October and runs through early January. The most common duck taken in Central Montana is the mallard, which can number well into the thousands during their southern migration. Because they are a migratory bird and we never know when they will come through the area, we don’t book "waterfowl only" hunts. We can take advantage of the opportunity as they migrate though. An early morning duck hunt, coupled with a pheasant hunt makes a great day. In the early season we harvest some of the “locals” before they head south. We occasionally harvest a few of the greater Canadian Honkers as well.

Sage Safaris
21004 St Joe Road, Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: (406) 219-4025

Sage Safaris offers one of the finest, Orvis-endorsed, upland bird hunting opportunities. Often referred to as America’s Serengeti, the sagebrush plains of Northern Montana offer excellent habitat for an incredible diversity of wildlife. Our nearly 40,000 acres of open land is home to a variety of waterfowl. Our natural habitat is a mixture of cropland and native plants, traversed by meandering waterways, making it ideal for upland game.

Swan Safaris
624 Fort Lane NE, Fairfield, Montana 59436
Phone: (406) 868-6918

Swan Safaris is pleased to offer waterfowl hunts in combination with our other hunts. Virtually everyone enjoys a day of waterfowling, and many of our leases are rich with ponds, creeks and crop land that serve as a major attractant to both resident and migrating geese and ducks. Our guided waterfowl hunts are north of Havre in the central part of the state. Most of the hunting is on private land. Several of our leases are adjacent to waterfowl reproduction management preserves. The sheer number of waterfowl found on these properties makes for some great duck and goose hunting. The dogs are well trained water retrievers. Your trained dog is always welcome.

The Lodge at Diamond Cross: Cedars & Sage Outfitters
29 Diamond Cross Ranch Lane, Birney, Montana 59012
Work: (406) 757-2220, Home: (406) 984-6234

Merrium Turkey, Upland Game Birds and Migratory Waterfowl are hunted in season. Pheasant hunts are also available on two shooting preserves on the ranch beginning December 1st through mid February (sooner if harsh winter).

Trophies West Outfitting
127 Churn Creek Dr., Bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone: (406) 599-2585

Guided archery hunts & guided rifle hunts take place exclusively on private property. Typical terrain varies from dry rolling grasslands, creek bottoms to rough, steep canyons with scattered timber throughout. The ranches vary greatly from one another in size, terrain, habitat and ease of access. This diversity allows us to place each hunter on the ranch that best suits their needs & personal hunting style.

Twin Creek Ranch
2074 East Bench Road, Winnet, Montana 59087
Phone: (406) 429-5615

The vortex of green heads is a prairie tornado above the stubble field where you hide. A patient retriever by you side, you sneak around the bend of Flat Willow Creek and 50 honkers erupt. Scenes like this are played out every fall in the Heart of Montana at Twin Creek Ranch. Strategically placed in the central flyway as a rest stop to southern migrating waterfowl, Twin Creek ranch combines the best of agricultural food sources and resting water. When the mallards, geese and other waterfowl are migrating Twin Creek can be an explosive destination.

Two Leggins Outfitters
HC36 Box 2120 , Hardin, Montana 59034
Phone: (406) 665-2825

Two Leggins Outfitters has access to over 20,000 acres of prime habitat for Upland Bird Hunting. Which includes Pheasants, Sharptail Grouse, Sage Grouse and Hungarian Partridge. The terrain consists of wheat fields, valley and creek bottoms which holds these elusive upland game birds. The Bighorn River never freezes due to it's tailwater nature and provides excellent habitat for Ducks and Geese. We target ducks and geese during their fall migration. employing the use of drift boats and motor boats we can access prime hunting areas from which you will jump shoot or hunt over decoys.