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Horseshoe Curve Hunt Club

Horseshoe Curve Hunt Club
Kent Beebe - Owner
37906 Rieth Rd
Echo, OR 97826

Contact Info:
Mobile: (503) 539-5206



During Oregon’s established waterfowl season, we can have some excellent duck and goose hunts. As all waterfowl hunters know, success is largely dependent on the flights and the weather. The Umatilla River corridor is a natural stopover for the migrating ducks and geese. They feed in the surrounding wheat stubble and in the freshly planted winter wheat, then fly to the river to rest for the day. Multiple species are present. Most common are mallard, widgeon and green winged teal. But, we also take blue winged teal, pintail, gadwall, wood ducks and shovelers. The geese are almost exclusively large Canada geese. Since the Umatilla River flows thru the property, we have numerous side channels, backwaters and gravel bars that the waterfowl utilize. We also have two warm water spring creek/ponds with permanent blinds located minutes from the lodge. These ponds offer good duck hunting during regular weather patterns but can be incredible when we get frosty weather. If you like to combine duck hunting with upland hunting and have your Oregon license and Federal waterfowl stamp, schedule a trip with us this November through January.